Shah Rukh Khan – whenever we think about this name, a bunch of things come to our minds – brilliant acting, humbleness and well, his undefeated wit. And when we’re talking about his humour, we have to talk about his ‘ask me anything’ session.

#AskSRK, the session which makes us smile and laugh at the same time, is back and this time, it’s funnier and wittier. Don’t believe us? Take a look!

1. When the actor got the perfect idea for making a ‘dhaasu’ entry to his home!

2. Say hello to the most candid actor out there.

3. Well, again, the undefeated king of wit.

4. New dream: to work with the actor.

5. The best life advice for everyone out there!

6. This looks like the only game we’d like to play.

7. It’s probably one crore… lines of wit and humour!

8. When one gem of an actor praises another.

9. Aww, now that’s the kind of love we all deserve!

10. And, what a smoking-hot transition!

11. This brings back so many memories, for all of us.

12. We can’t wait, SRK!

Ek aisa SRK toh main bhi deserve karti hoon! *sad face*