Every generation has ‘their actor’, one person who defines cinema for a large group of people born during a certain range of years. And then you have Shah Rukh Khan, who belongs to everyone, all at once. This is what makes him the Greatest of All Time. Here are 8 videos of him displaying total GOAT behaviour. You’re welcome. 


1. Only Shah Rukh knows how to brag without sounding obnoxious. The secret is that he is equally humble.

2. Only Shah Rukh can make dancing on top of a train both entertaining and believable.

3. Only Shah Rukh knows how to make people believe that they can be stars too.

4. Only Shah Rukh knows how to greet people with love when all he is receiving is hate from a wider population.

5. Only Shah Rukh can make us believe in the power of dreams this way.

6. Only Shah Rukh knows how to be well-mannered all the time. The guy never fails.

7. Only Shah Rukh can make an entire nation understand secularity with just a few lines.

8. At this point, only Shah Rukh can heal the world.

There is a reason we keep saying – there is no one like him.