Shah Rukh Khan is the undisputed king of Bollywood. From starring in his first TV serial, Fauji, to his latest film, Pathaan, Shah Rukh’s life journey is nothing less than a case study that every SRK fan should know about. In his career spanning more than three decades in Hindi film industry, Shah Rukh Khan has garnered million fans around the world. Apart from his movies, fans admire him for his wit and how well-articulated his thoughts are.

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Now, we have come across some pages of SRK’s old handwritten journal on social media which shed light on his life experiences.

A Twitter user, @SRKsCombatant, posted a series of notes apparently written by the superstar himself. The pages were originally shared on Reddit.

The first page begins with his profile details and how he spent his childhood. “I was the second normal child (or so they thought) born to my parents after a five years gap between me and my elder sister,” an excerpt from it reads.

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The second page features his experience of being a sports lover in school. “I was participating in most of the major games at school. But I particularly excelled in three sports- Football, Hockey & Cricket…(sic),” SRK wrote.

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I was also good at copying people and mimicking. It started off with Hema Malini & I graduated to Dev Anand, Prithviraj Kapoor, and Raj Babbar….My father had a chain of restaurants in and around Delhi and a contract with NSD (National School of Drama)’s hostel. I used to visit their mess very often and watched all their plays…I must have been around 9-10 years old (sic),” he added.

My first role was that of Kallu Bania in a small school production of ‘Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja’…” the third page reads.

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“I was never a brilliant student in class throughout my life but always seemed to make it in the first five ranks of my class- which surprised me also,” the fourth page reads.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s life journey is truly an inspiration for many out there.