Shah Rukh Khan is known as ‘King Khan,’ for a reason. He certainly has that star quality and obviously has great business acumen as well. SRK’s wits and intelligence are known about widely, and this old interview of his with Komal Nahta is proof of just that. 


Back in 2013, the actor had appeared as a guest on Komal Nahta’s show on Zee ETC Bollywood. In it, he literally predicted the future! SRK spoke about how in the coming years we will witness people who’ll be stars in their own right.


He talked about how social media will ultimately be a space that will breed stars; influencers, social media celebrities etc. And he was so right that it’s honestly a little freaky (in the best way possible, maybe he’s a super human or something). 

I said this some time back that social media and television and the accessibility of these mediums to so many, are going to create very many stars. Only film stars are not going to be stars, only television acting stars are not going to be stars. And when you become a star, it ‘s a very difficult thing to be a star because one, you lose the ability to surprise every time, second, the fear of failure always resides in your head and third, you’re a public figure so if someone says bad, you have to take it. 

Obviously, the celeb knows a lot about being a public figure and just how to carry yourself when you are one. And that only makes him all the more charming and is a reminder of why we love him so much.


You can watch the entire interview here. 

He’s a legend for a reason!