Fans’ stories of celebrity encounters are usually fascinating. We, on the other side, are always thrilled to know how the star-laden celebrities behave with their fans off camera.

Nonetheless, we are well aware of how Shah Rukh Khan treats his fans with love, thanks to the countless stories shared by his fans that make our hearts smile.


Another heartwarming anecdote has joined the league, in which Author Rohan Mukherjee recounted his father’s interaction with SRK at a wedding. The author’s dad simply told SRK that his son went to the same school as him and SRK said that was great and offered to take a selfie with him. When the father indicated that he doesn’t know how to, the superstar replied, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

Surprisingly, Mukherjee discovered this adorable selfie 3 years later!

Twitter users are touched and their love for the king has increased ten folds. 

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The king indeed rules and serves.