Some celebrities are great stars, but not all of them are good public figures or influences. And generally, the difference between the two is how well a person treats people from different walks of life. 

And from what we’ve heard, read and seen, apparently, Shah Rukh Khan is just that, he’s humble and super kind. The actor treats everyone he encounters really well, and with respect. So, let’s take a look at all the times the actor has been his beautiful, loving self. Shall we?

1. When he showed his film crew and team respect and love by inviting them to an exclusive dinner. 

2. When the actor had the emotional sensibility to hold his fan’s shivering hand to comfort him.

3. When he replied to Chinmayi Sripaada’s tweet and told her she sounded like ‘love.’ I mean, why does everything he say sound smooth like butter?

4. When the actor expressed just how much he loved his fans and how he has no inhibitions in giving love to the people who love him too. 

I really like meeting people who love me. I love hugging them, kissing them. I need to touch those people who’ve touched my life.  

-Shah Rukh Khan for Gulf News

And people who’ve met him personally also have great things to say about him, here are some confessions from Quora.

5. I met him in June, 2015. He is such a kind-hearted person, makes everyone feel comfortable and doesn’t look down upon anyone. Now when I met him, he called us (family and me) to his private room. This happened on the sets of Raees, in film city, Gurgaon. He asked me about my career, and what I was doing currently. My mother was talking to him about Abram. He told us his children’s future plans. He is truly a gentleman and a gem of a person.

– Anjali Kumar


7. IT’S A SURREAL EXPERIENCE. Jan 2006 (not sure) I used to train at National Stadium in Delhi, bang opposite India gate. It is one of the biggest stadiums run by the govt, having all sports. A major portion of Chak De India was shot there. SRK was there to shoot the scene where he enters the stadium for an interview on his scooter. I was 9 at that time, tiny, overburdened with my huge kit bag, and half-dead due to practising. As I saw him walk towards his van, I shouted at the top of my voice. He turned around, which according to me meant approval to go towards him. I started running as fast as I could and tripped. Got up and ran again. MEAN BODYGUARDS said no to me. But, the man that he is, he calmly told them to allow me to approach him. He gave the most charming smile ever, and the aura was so mesmerizing, I’d forgotten that I’d just tripped, and hurt myself badly.

– Monil Kotak 

8. I met him during one of his shoots for the movie “Chalte Chalte”. I was studying in Pune those days and had specially made it to Mumbai to be able to meet him (one of my friends’ father knew Aziz Mirza, director of the movie). We waited for the shot to finish and slowly approached him. He and Mr. Mirza we sitting with their backs towards us. Mr. Mirza spotted us and told Shah Rukh, these girls have come all the way to meet you! And he just turned around, gave a broad smile and shook hands with me! I never knew a man could have so many dimples! Also after that too he was an absolute gentleman, always welcoming for a photograph, and even offering us some food! In one instance during the shoot on realising there are no chairs left for him, he quietly sat on the stairs and had a sandwich..

– Kalashree B 

9. I met SRK around 15 years back, while he was shooting for the film Josh. I had gone on the set along with my grandfather. There was a shot where SRK was riding with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on his bike, after it ended he was going towards his vanity van. My grandfather approached him and asked him for a photograph and he simply said yes! (even after shooting the whole day, he didn’t hesitate or say “not now” like other ‘stars’). In a hurry, my grandfather forgot to remove the lens cover. SRK just gave a smile and said “Arey baba, dhakkan toh kholo” went ahead, took the camera, removed the lens cover and gave it back to him! After the photo, he shook hands with my grandfather, with me as well, smiled back and said “Bye beta.

– Yashodhar Upadhyay

What is with him being so homely and warm?