If there is such a thing as a celebrity’s stardom having a season, then SRK’s would be perennial.

Typically, for someone to trend on Twitter, it requires them to say or do something overtly controversial. But that isn’t the case with Shah Rukh Khan. All he needs to do is exist, and his fans ensure that his territory is marked.

Today, SRK is trending on Twitter for two reasons that don’t even involve him physically yet, all Twittizens are talking about is him. 

Recently, the magnum opus starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt Brahmastra dropped its stunning trailer, which was so jumpy that it assaulted our senses, yet fans spotted SRK’s rumoured cameo in it.

What to applaud here is the sheer view of the eagle-eyed fans who have been frantically waiting to get SRK’s glimpse in the trailer. And when they couldn’t officially find it, they began peddling theories which caused SRK to trend on Twitter


Moving forward to an American television miniseries Ms Marvel streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, which is another reason why SRK is trending today. 

In the 2nd episode of this MCU series, the protagonist Kamala strikes a conversation with her crush Kamran plugging Bollywood movies. To viewers’ amazement, the guy responds by saying that he only watches greats like Baazigar and stuff, to which Kamala responds that it is SRK’s best movie. 

Later they discuss DDLJ and concluded how ‘there’s nothing like a bad SRK movie’.

India Today

Honestly, is any discussion about our sub-continent even complete without the mention of SRK? That’s how enormous his fandom is. 

Interestingly, Brahmastra and Ms Marvel have little to do with SRK at large, yet they have become grounds for him trending today. SRK does not jostle for attention and still manages to eclipse all the others out there. That’s the magnitude of his stardom.