There are three things that are giving ultimate content to the audience these days: Shark Tank India, Zomato’s social handles, and we at ScoopWhoop (here we believe in love thyself supremacy). And now you’re going to get the best collab ever, having read this article. 

So, we are not getting over the show Shark Tank India anytime soon, as it’s SO interesting. But one of the sharks, Aman Gupta, is going viral for another reason. Zomato recently shared a post on its social pages that used him as the meme template, that pointed out the tendencies of desi moms to say, “ye khana toh main hi bana leti, mangwaya kyun,” everytime you order something. 

And while the meme is going viral for the right reasons (the reason being relatability), Aman Gupta had the perfect response to the post. Quoting the original tweet that Zomato shared, he said:

People responded to Aman’s tweet by sharing their own versions of the show’s memes:

And if you’re wondering why, well, Zomato has had a recent history. It seems that another guy named Aman was contacted by the food company to apologize for the supposed plagiarism act it had unknowingly committed. But, like a good samaritan, it owned the mistake and made it up to him. How? By sending over free pizza!

And who doesn’t want FREE pizza!

Zomato can make up to anyone as hum jeene ke liye khaate hain aur khaane ke liye jeete hain! And the taste multiplies when it’s free.

You’re welcome for this collab between Shark Tank India, Zomato, and us. Now go make us viral.