Shark Tank India brought us brands ranging from healthcare to lifestyle. The entrepreneurs that came to the show are just like you and me, people we can relate to and see ourselves in. They came from different parts of the country, and each one of them showcased the essence of real India. Today, we are bringing to you 7 such pitches from Shark Tank India

1. JhaJi Store

Jhaji Store is a brand started by a nanand-bhabhi duo Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha from Darbhanga, Bihar. Jhaji Store sells different kinds of pickles and chutneys that have the flavours of Mithila. They are trying to spread the flavours of regional India to different parts of the country, enhancing the essence of the real India. 

Though they didn’t get any funding from the sharks, their presentation surely took away our hearts. 

2. Namhya Foods

Namhya Foods is an Ayurvedic brand in preventive healthcare. It was founded by Ridhima Arora, who hails from Jammu & Kashmir. Namhya Foods provides different tea blends, breakfast cereals, and lattes which uses 70+ years old Ayurvedic recipes. 

Ridhima closed the deal at Rs. 50 lakhs for 10% equity and Rs. 50 lakhs debt from shark Aman Gupta.  

3. Nuskha Kitchen

Nuskha Kitchen is a brand started by the mother-son duo Alpana Tiwari and Viral Tiwari. They sell artisanally crafted homemade remedies for new mothers. They bring the age-old Dadi-Nani ke nuskhe in the form of foods that expecting mothers and new mothers could use.  


4. Humpy A2

Humpy A2 sources their products from local farmers and provides a range of A2 certified, native organic produce. The brand was started by Vishal Chaudhary, Malvika Gaekwad, and Jaywant Patel. They have one aim, and that is to become the family farmer of every Indian family. 

5. AgriTourism

The agriTourism concept is very popular abroad but not so much in India at the moment. One of the early players of agriTourism in India is a husband-wife duo Pandurang and Vaishali Taware. They aim to bring the traditions and experiences of villages to every Indian through their venture. 

They have brought together 15 lakh farmers till now from across the country and provided them with an additional source of income.

6. Rare Planet

India is a diverse country with diverse art and cultures, but the artisans of the country don’t usually get the true value for their craft. Rare Planet tries to bridge this gap by giving the artisans of India a platform to showcase their talent.

Rare Planet is a handmade lifestyle brand started by Ranodeep Saha. He started it in the first year of his college to earn some side income and now has turned it into a full-blown business that showcases the rich culture of real India. 

7. The State Plate

The State Plate is a venture started by Muskaan Sancheti and Raghav Jhawar. They bring together the local foods from around the country. They aim to bring the food diversity of India to the spotlight. They received a deal of 40 lakhs for a 3% stake from Peyush Bansal along with a debt of 25 lakhs on Shark Tank India

These entrepreneurs come from different backgrounds, different parts of the country, and with different experiences. Their pitches on Shark Tank India showcased a glimpse of real India that touched everyone’s heart. 

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