The Kapoor family entered the entertainment industry, with Prithviraj Kapoor making his acting debut in 1928. And cut to 95 years later, the fourth generation Kapoors, namely Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor, are among the top actors in the Bollywood industry. 

Each generation in the family has delivered top-notch performances and iconic movies. Be it Prithviraj as Emperor Akbar in Mughal-E-Azam, Raj as Raju in Mera Naam Joker or Ranbir as Jordan in Rockstar. 

Shashi Kapoor Reddit
Shashi Kapoor & Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar | IMDb

Today, we have Shashi Kapoor going viral on Reddit. In a short old clip posted by Redditor u/hiiiiianon on the r/BollyBlindsNGossip community, the actor is seen candidly talking about his white hair.

Apparently, the interviewer had mentioned that other people colour their hair when Kapoor took over the conversation saying:

Further, he also shared how he thought he and his wife would be together in the next life as well.

The 15-minute interview clip from ITMB archives is available on ITMB Shows YouTube channel. You can watch the clip here:

Throwback to when celebrities did not need a team to filter their words. Or when the audience didn’t brutally dissect everything word by word. These old clips are so adorable; we don’t see this kind of candidness and honesty in interviews very often these days.

And perhaps because of legitimate reasons. Today, a lot of unwarranted noise manages to reach people via social media. And when people on the Internet with their microscopic eyes observe everything under the sun, it’s hard to not want to voice words carefully. You never know when ‘n’ a number of unpleasant tweets will be trending under your name. (Not to say, connectivity received with the grace of social media isn’t necessary; it’s just a tricky path to tread)

Because we might never see such unfiltered conversations again, these old clips become all the more precious. Redditors are lauding Shashi Kapoor for his grace and humbleness.

Take a look.

Credits: Reddit
Credits: Reddit
Credits: Reddit

The notable films of Shashi Kapoor include Deewar (1975), Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978), Trishul (1978), Kabhi Kabhie (1976), among others.