We cannot deny the fact that at one point, most of us have binged the crime-thriller CID. Even if we haven’t, we are well-versed with the popular phrases – ‘Kuchh toh gadbad hai’ or ‘Daya, darwaaza tod do’. The show had started airing in 1998 and was massively popular amongst the Indian audience. 

India Times

Given the fact that the audience loved the characters and the genre, it was shocking when the show went off-air in 2018. Shivaji Satam – the actor who played the lead character, ACP Pradyuman recently opened up in an interview about how the team took the news when the show was pulled down. 

It was a Friday and we were told that Monday would be our last day. Even our producers weren’t in the know.

-Shivaji Satam told TOI

Zee News

He mentioned that the team had been sensing some tension due to the fact that the slot kept changing to a time later at night. He added that they felt unwanted, but it was the channel’s decision – there was nothing that they could’ve done about it. When the production for TV shows and movies came to a halt during the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, CID also saw some re-runs of the episodes. 

We were being pushed – our show was down to 10:30 from the 10:00 pm slot. Then, it started coming late on-air, say 10:40. Slowly, we were beginning to see light only around 11 pm.

-Shivaji Satam told TOI

India Today

Shivaji Satam also mentioned that there is no certainty about a second season of the show. The producers have been in discussions of reviving the show in a different format, but nothing is certain as of now. He says that he would be happy to play the character again. 

We know we’d love to hear the catchphrases again.