If you’ve loved Shark Tank, watched all the episodes as soon as they aired, searched about the judges, and are now looking for shows like Shark Tank to watch while you wait for the next season, then this is going to be a useful list. We have curated a list of shows like Shark Tank that you might find interesting to watch.

Shark Tank Alternatives To Watch

1. Beyond the Tank

Beyond the Tank shows a follow up on the journey of entrepreneurs who appeared on Shark Tank. It doesn’t only show the successful entrepreneurs but also features entrepreneurs whose deals with sharks failed. Some segments also focus on entrepreneurs who didn’t receive an investment.

Beyond the Tank could be a good Shark Tank alternative if you are interested in knowing what happened to the businesses that appeared on Shark Tank.

2. Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den is a British TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in the hope of securing investment from them. Shark Tank is the American version of the show. And if you can’t get enough of Shark Tank, you can watch Dragon’s Den.

3. Million Pound Menu

Million Pound Menu is the restaurant version of Shark Tank. It is a BBC television series wherein participants try to convince a jury that their new restaurant ideas could work. There are two series with twelve episodes available for the show. So, if you are interested in the restaurant world, this could be your next watch after Shark Tank. You can watch it on Netflix.


4. Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a reality tv series franchise produced in many countries. The series started in 2009 and the format features senior executive working undercover as an entry-level employee in their own companies to investigate how their companies really work. This helps them identify how the processes can be improved and reward hard-working employees.

The concept is a bit different than Shark Tank but is an interesting watch if you’re looking for a Shark Tank alternative.

5. Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer is an American reality TV show where Tilman Fertitta, CEO and owner of Landry’s, Inc travels the nation to sample new and innovative hospitality products. Small business owners compete to impress Fertitta to get the opportunity to partner with Landry’s, Inc., as a supplier.

There are three seasons of the show with 24 episodes. It’s available on Voot if you want to give it a watch.

6. Make Me a Millionaire Inventor

Make Me a Millionaire Inventor is an American television docu-series. It has been called “a sort-of Mythbusters-meets-Shark-Tank mashup.” The show’s hosts, George Zaidan and Deanne Bell, search for ‘the best inventions never made’. In each episode, hosts meet inventors who are facing difficulties and assist them in pitching their invention to potential investors who can help them bring it to market.

The show has two seasons with 14 episodes. You can give it a watch and see if this is a good Shark Tank alternative for you, it’s just 14 episodes so not a big commitment either.

7. Billions

If you want a drama tv series instead of reality shows revolving around businesses then Billions could be a good watch for you. It is set in large financial centers, and tells the story of hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), as he accumulates wealth and power in the world of high finance.

If you want a show you can relate to the real world then Billions could be the show for you. It has 5 seasons with 60 episodes with a possible new season on the way. If you end up liking the show, you’ll be sorted for a while.

8. The Profit

The Profit is a documentary-style reality TV show. It is presented by Marcus Lemonis, the chairman and CEO of Camping World. The show is about saving the small businesses wherein Marcus looks for small biz in desperate need of funds and invest in them for a share of the business and profit.

Once in, he’ll do anything to save the business and earn himself a profit. The episodes could get really interesting when Marcus uses whatever means necessary be it firing the president, promoting the secretary or doing the work himself in order to save the business.