Not a long time ago, Desi binge-watchers professed themselves as proud Phulera-waasis after being immersed in the village life of TVF’s Panchayat

Sachiv Ji’s aka Abhishek’s exasperation struck a chord with every millennial because duh, his face perpetually screamed I-hate-people! Moreover, another reason we resonated with Sachiv Ji is that we all have a friend like the one he had *drumrolls* Siddharth, whose mannerisms in Phulera, seemed like a square peg in a round hole. 

Now spotlights on Satish Ray, who brought Siddharth to life. This man whose shenanigans in the show cracked us up is also hilarious in real life. His content on Instagram is proof. 

Talking about his hilarious content, every Imtiaz Ali fan would have a tongue-in-cheek moment. 

iPhones that force us to sell our 2 kidneys and a half to buy them and the folks who anyway buy them would hide under the bed. 

His subtle jab on every desi dad is gonna hit you home, I promise. 

His epic collaboration with all-time favourite Jeetu bhaiyya is too good to be missed. Also, his sly dig at dal badlu friends may remind of you your own. *Cue snake emoji*

Satish Ray has been serving us with fits of laughter even on his YouTube channel. Additionally, he has also worked his magic in Pyaar vs Dosti (2021) and Cubicles Office (2019), among others.

Hey TVF, can we have one more day of Siddharth in Phulera in Season 3, please?