Disclaimer: This article contains some distressing details, reader discretion is advised.

One of India’s most renowned music artists, Sidhu Moose Wala was shot dead in his village last evening, leaving his family and millions of fans across the world in a deep state of shock.

Processing news of such nature can never be easy, but in Sidhu’s case, it’s especially difficult because of the events leading up to his demise.

His fans, who immediately went back to his music to remember Sidhu, found uncanny coincidences that are tough to ignore. 

Indian Express

First off, he released the song 295 in 2021, which also proved to be the date of his demise. The song touches upon things like the cost of telling the truth and how it can make you a controversial figure who is hated by many.

Second, comes his song The Last Ride, which he had released on May 15, just a few days before he was killed. Obviously, the name of the song is the first thing one notices but there are also some eerie details in its poster.

The album art shows the image of the crime scene where legendary rapper Tupac was killed. Tupac, like Sidhu, was also shot dead while he was sitting in his car.

It has to be a freak coincidence that some of the lyrics of his song The Last Ride were:

Ho bahuteyan di hate da oh hissa banneya, bohat ohnu aithe chaunde chaunde mar gaye…duniye ch charchey tey jhande jhoolde…par ohnu shehar ch haraunde mar gaye.. jitt naalo zyada jihdi haar boldi.. ho Moose Wala jeonde hi amar ho gaya… Chobbar de chehre utte noor dasda, ehda uthuga jawani vich janaza mithiye…

Which translates to:

He was hated by many, but many also died loving him..he was famous worldwide but many in his own city failed to defeat him…More than his win, his defeat created noise. Moosewala has become immortal in his life, but the gleam on the face of this man tells that he will die young.

Sidhu’s contribution to Punjabi rap music and hip-hop is immeasurable. He was a true game-changer and his sudden death has not only deprived people of an icon but also of legendary music he would have created in the future.

In such times, we find solace in the brilliant work he did before leaving this world. Rest in peace, legend.