From its cast to its story, everything about the movie Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na is stellar. However, there was just one thing that we sort of missed out about the movie. 


What was up with the song Pappu Can’t Dance?   

Wait wait! Now hear me out. The catchy AF party song about this guy called Pappu was a hit, the minute it got released. It had some smashing beats, some great hook steps and even made Pappus all around the country super popular.   

But hey, did you guys even get the lyrics of the song? 

Pappu ki gaadi tez hai
Pappu kudiyon mein craze hai
Pappu ki aankhein light blue
Pappu dikhta angrez hai, angrez hai
Rado ki ghadi haathon mein
Perfume gucci wala

Matlab the guy was rich. He sounded like he had the looks of a Greek God. He was a fuckboy even before the term was invented. 

Pappu ke paas hai MBA
Karta hai France mein holiday
Pappu guitar bajata hai
Jahan jaata hai chaa jaata hai

Not just that. The guy was not just about brawns, he had a god damn MBA degree in 2008 and played the guitar. He basically was the whole package. But the entire song was made about the one thing the guy couldn’t do – Dance. 

But pappu can’t dance saala 

WTF? This song literally proved that no matter how much you achieve in life, people are always going to talk about the one thing you could not accomplish. Honesty, I was not the only one who thought that. Twitter too pointed it out. 

I mean, Pappu could’ve been an inspiration for his entire college. In fact, the main protagonist of the story Jai and Aditi could’ve learnt so much from Pappu. But what did they do? They humiliated the poor kid for being a jack of all trades. 


Matlab, they invited the entire college to the party just so that they can humiliate the poor ‘rich kid’ in front of everyone. I don’t know about y’all but this totally says a lot about their entire gang and how damn jealous they were of Pappu. 

But hey, one can either get upset about that kind of humiliation or stand tall and prove to the society that they are wrong. Isn’t that what Pappu did? 

At the end of the song, he literaly got up and started dancing like a freaking pro. If this dosen’t tell you about Pappu’s fighting spirit and his self confidence, then you have got a lot to learn, man. 

So, Pappu, wherever you are and whichever country you’re vacationing at now, just know that you’re the bomb. You do you, man.    

You can watch the video here : 

All pictures sourced from the official video.