Every day is a new boycott trend, and it’s hard to keep up with what we’re ALLOWED to watch. People aside, even numbers haven’t been generous with Bollywood lately — with films not doing the best business in theatres. Of course, there’s news and then there are mountains out of molehills that oversell stories. And Rocketry: The Nambi Effect couldn’t save itself from THIS effect, where people talked about R Madhavan’s sacrifice for the film.

Netizens have been circulating tweets and posts about Madhavan selling his house to fund the film. Naturally, what started off as a probable piece of report turned into a sob story — with people saluting him and whatnot. Before you think that I’m another person from the boycott gang, the actor (who has also written, directed, and produced the film) clarified this himself.

Madhavan responded to a tweet putting all the rumors to rest, while asking people to not over-patronize him. He even mentioned that the film has actually made profits. Clearly, no houses were sold in the making of this film. 

Twitter was (surprisingly) happy after the actor cleared the air. 

We have a weird relationship with celebrities — it’s either too much love or outright hate, there’s nothing in between.