This comes with no opinion, biases or standpoint. We may have our reservations about Animal, but for just this one time, I choose to be nEUtrAl about it. So let’s talk about the story-line and intent of the film, the daddy issues, so to say. We must talk about it, because that’s the entire premise of it, if you remove all the killing, of course.


The plot of Animal is about a son who loves his father to a point that he mass murders, cheats on his wife, and also physically and emotionally abuses the people around him – among other things. The love should be able to justify all of THAT; and you know what? It does. A page on X (or Twitter), went on to count the number of times the word “papa” pops up in the film. According to the post, the count is: 196.

So if Animal was about the papa complex, it did one thing right: force feed it, literally. This also surpasses the number of times Alia yelled Shiva in Brahmāstra. That’s a new record in itself. If anything, we must applaud Mr. Sandeep Reddy Vanga for that. See? We can also try and talk about the elements of the film – without criticizing it.

What I’m trying to say is, if it wasn’t clear before, Animal is about daddy issues and not about glorifying violence, guys.