It’s Friday, and my ability to work was already at a bare minimum. 

Especially because I could not get a leave to watch the first show of Deadpool 2. (Whosoever thought this was not a legit reason for leave clearly has no appreciation of finer arts!)


And then this realiSation hit me. 

That it is not just the release date of Deadpool 2, but also of the second season of 13 Reasons Why


And then it struck me, that even BTS is launching their new album on this very day.

May 18, you may not have been very special to me before, but not anymore. 

I think it is time we declare today a holiday because I can’t imagine waiting 8 hours to know why Hannah wasn’t the only one. 


And I don’t know how to save myself from spoilers on social media, because not everyone is as cool as Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds. 


And while I’ve stumbled upon K-Pop recently, I already know I am going to be listening to BTS on loop today.

In short, who so ever thought that today was a work day can take a hike. I need chutti.

Which emergency would you guys suggest, that gets me out of here the fastest?