The ‘Fawad Khan frenzy’ is not unknown to us, everything the actor does, we sit tight and watch. And he deserves that. That said, people clearly love him a lot, so much so, that even imagining him in roles becomes news – like an AI generated image of Fawad Khan as Batman.

Fawad Khan

We have all loved the actor in Pakistani dramas, Bollywood films, and his very-special appearance in Ms. Marvel. Now, an AI artist re-imagined him as Batman, and of course it’s the perfect dream casting. The poster, shared by @Indusland_, has an image of him all bulked up, as he stands in a black suit. It also says – “Knights Of Karachi.” And honestly, we aren’t complaining.

AI - Batman

In fact, he could be a great Batman. Of course, after his beautiful stint with Marvel, Fawad Khan could totally rule DC. He’s actually the only person who could bring both DC and Marvel fans together. Fawad Khan is already our favourite superhero and we love this Bruce Wayne – the actor looking dashing in the suit certainly helps.

Twitter is definitely manifesting this.

Is AI also granting wishes? Because someone needs to cast him!