Remember the 85-year-old ‘Warrior Aaji’ who stunned us all with her viral lathi skills and her swift martial art techniques? 

Well, thanks to the generous efforts of Sonu Sood, she now has a small martial arts training school of her own where she will teach disciples. 

Aaji Maa who used to showcase her skills on the streets of  Pune as a way to sustain herself and her family got recognised by actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood. He promised to open a training school with Aaji Maa. 

And on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Sonu Sood stood by his promise as he inaugurated the martial arts school for Aaji. In a video, Warrior Aaji mentioned: 

This dream of my mine has been fulfilled by Sonu. I have named my school after him. 

In the video, a few kids can be seen practicing with bamboo sticks, guided by Warrior Aaji in the Sonu Sood Martial Arts School. 

Instagram; Viral Bhayani

Aaji will also teach women and young children the techniques of self-defense in the training school. 


Netizens are lauding Sonu Sood for having a heart of gold and his kind gesture: 

Sonu Sood’s vision and dedication to make this world a better place should be an inspiration to us all.