Actor Sonu Sood has been helping the needy ever since the lockdown was announced and he is in no mood to stop. He is still helping those in need, in these testing times.

This time around, the actor offered to provide a home to a homeless family who has been living on the streets for almost a month. 

Twitter user, Ankit Rajgaria posted a picture of a homeless woman, along with her two sons. In his tweet, Ankit stated that the woman is a widow and she used to live in Patna in a rented apartment. But, after her husband’s demise the owner threw her out of the house. 

With no where to go, she has been living on the streets, along with her two sons who are very young. Ankit requested Sonu Sood to help the family. He also added that the family has no expectations from the local government as they still haven’t received any help from them.

The woman’s heartbreaking story caught Sonu Sood’s attention and he promptly responded. While replying to Ankit, the actor said that he will make sure that the homeless family has a roof over their head and the young boys have a place that they can call home. 

This selfless act by the actor has been winning the internet’s heart. People have been showering love and gratitude towards the actor for his humanitarian gesture. 

The actor has literally become a saviour, a messiah and an angel for many. We salute him for everything he has been doing for the people.