I have a newfound respect for social dramas. Maybe because we spent the last few decades believing that filmmakers and writers who tell stories dug deep into their personal space, will never have an audience. Or they can only find a spot in the critically acclaimed category. 

Thankfully, mainstream content has moved on and away from these archaic philosophies. It isn’t afraid to step outside the comfort zone of palatial houses with highly stylised characters to unapologetically explore a landscape that is niche. SonyLIV’s ‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’ is an earnest step in the same direction. And we’re giving you 4 reasons to add it to your watchlist now. 

1. There’s humour. A lot of it!

Despite the serious subject matter, the show keeps it pretty light overall and serves us a perfect blend of humour, emotion, and entertainment. It throws honest and hilarious jokes at us, delivered by well-structured characters, scenes, and colloquial dialogues, that ultimately evoke laughter and memories. The character quirks complement each other’s eccentricity while remaining realistic and, thankfully, not one-dimensional.

2. The story feels authentic.

Right from the opening scene, director-duo Rahul Pandey and Satish Nair manage to establish a world that feels real and lived-in. Nirmal’s hesitancy in undertaking a journey to explore his roots after leading a metropolitan life for 24 years is not a hard emotion to tap into. And Rahul Pandey, who’s also the writer, makes the plot beautifully thrive on this discomfort felt by the lead character to give us a story that we can resonate with.

3. It draws attention to the real issues that plague rural India. 

It is not possible to tell a story about rural India without talking about its dark underbelly that still grapples with sexism, patriarchy, dowry practice, and illiteracy. But the show also highlights the shocking prevalence of the oppressive caste system, in a conscious effort to remind us of the battles that still remain to be won. And it does so effortlessly without the message seeming forced. 

4. The cast is a real hoot.

From mastering the thick Bhojpuri dialect to portraying characters undergoing extreme emotional upheavals, the cast’s adeptness will stay with you even after the end credits have rolled. Vaibhav Tatwawadi is invincible as the reserved but eager Nirmal Pathak, who wants to be the face of change for his native village. The show also stars the ever amazing Alka Amin, who makes it unbelievably hard for us to detach from her character’s life struggles. Garima Singh as Genda Bua, and Tanishq Rana as Nibha also give some memorable performances. 

‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’ can give you a lot to think about, which just goes to say how impactful this show is in its own way. So if you haven’t had the opportunity to cross paths with this show, then hop over to SonyLIV right now and catch this masterpiece. You can enjoy the trailer below. 

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