Squid Game’s overnight sweeping success has naturally brought a lot of fame for its actors. They suddenly have millions of followers, are being invited to Late Night interviews and are a topic of discussion across the world.

One actor from the crew who is especially being admired is Anupam Tripathi who plays the role of innocent and dedicated Ali in the series.

And seeing this, his mother has an important word of advice, “Zyaada udna mat. Paanv zameen par tika kar rakhna”.

In an interview given to News 18, Anupam elaborated:

That humility and that kind of upbringing she has given me and I am very thankful to her. All my relatives and people I know are very happy about the show and they have only great things to say.

Anupam’s character Ali is a sweet guy who only wants to do good and doesn’t think bad of people even in a literal do-or-die game. 

He played the role with so much honesty, it’s tough not to feel for him, and that makes sense as to why he is getting so much attention.

Well but mothers are going to be mothers. That’s a brilliant advice too.