Squid Game isn’t just a show anymore but a global phenomenon. A room full of treacherous people, performing herculean tasks as they abide by a mighty voice of a faceless man, hooked us to our screens.

Hey, we just told you Squid Game’s premise but is the very concept of Bigg Boss flashing through your mind? Because same.

Desis are convinced that Squid Game is just a Korean version of Bigg Boss and the similarities are uncanny.

1. They’re given tasks that create nothing but chaos. 

The most awaited part of show is when Bigg Boss randomly teams up contestants, making them perform tasks that are often man-handled, inviting fights and *a lot* of screaming.

Times of India

Well, we couldn’t help but notice how Squid game does exactly the same. No wonder Indians are so invested in the show!


2. A fight for survival. 

Living in a shared accommodation, tackling insufficient food crisis, getting wild in the dark and amidst these, you if ensure your survival, then you’re fit for Bigg Boss and perhaps Squid Game too!


3. Elimination of the weakest. 

When Darwin introduced ‘survival of the fittest’ he actually meant it for these two shows. 

IndiaTV News

The fear of eviction is constant in the Bigg Boss house perhaps Squid Game goes a step further as it indulges into bloodshed.


4. With friends like them, who needs enemies?

Remember how we despised Sang-Woo for manipulating and using Ali? 

Well, every Big Boss contestant is prone to such instincts making us hate one member at a time.

India Today

5. Faceless man with mighty voice running the show. 

From assigning tasks that would most certainly lead to violence to big fights getting stopped by hearing just a voice in the background, Front Man is the Bigg Boss we didn’t know we needed. Giving the devil his due, the voice is addictive. 


6. Winner taking home big bucks. 

Several days of struggle in an unescapable room, what do you think is the driving force of these players? 


The big sum of money awaiting them in the grand finale.


Hey and how can we miss this, we are just the VIPs watching it *winks*!