We’ve all been seeing the massive amounts of success that Netflix’s Squid Game has been garnering. It is certainly one of the most popular shows currently, and with good reason. Everything from the plotline, to the actors have kept the audience hooked. In fact, one of the actors from the web-series, O Yeong-su, has recently won a Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actor in Television.


The 77-year-old played Oh II-nam AKA The Host or Player 001, in the show, and is also the first Korean to win the Golden Globe! Yep, you got that right. Not only has he shattered all sorts of beliefs around ageism, O  Yeong-Su is a source of pride for his country. Also, he won the award by surpassing nominees such as Billy Crudup (The Morning Show), Kieran Culkin (Succession), Mark Duplass (The Morning Show) and Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso). 


Clearly he has earned the award. O Yeong-su began his acting career with theatre and has done about 200 projects, in films and theatre combined. Some of the films he’s been in include romance film, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring and the 2009 TV series, Queen Seondeuk. 


We’re so happy for him. Congratulations O Yeong-su!