Shah Rukh Khan’s #AskSRK sessions are funnier than most comedy movies – fans come up with weird questions, and the actor comes loaded with sass. So, it’s impossible not to talk about it each time. Now that the Pathaan actor is back with yet another session as a NY present, so, “apni kursi ki peti baandh lo.”

SRK as the typical desi dad.

Um, someone probably left the chat.

Never ask an SRK his salary… he won’t tell.

Film promotions 101. Just another thing to learn from SRK.

He has got valid reality checks.

Of course, his dilliwala attitude is always intact.

I’ve a feeling that people might take this seriously.

Even his dad jokes are funny, or maybe we’re just obsessed.

Instagram, are you listening?

This was just too much sass to process.

On a side note, ouch.

If we could bottle him up and put him into a cologne, we could call him ‘charm’.