Ever since the release of the Brahmastra trailer, the world feels like a changed place. There might have been a few elaichis in the biryani along the way, but that’s not holding any of us back from obsessing over the film. When the trailer was released for the world to see, people didn’t stop for a while from coming up with theories, and whatnot.

We started with spotting Deepika Padukone as Jal, and went on to imagine storylines — which might or might not be true. Of course, a lot of us thought we spotted SRK (in different frames, though, but still). And it looks like we manifested too hard because a recently leaked video proves that he is, in fact, in the movie as Vanarastra. In the video and images, the king enters with his forever spreading arms and NOW it’s all getting real, y’all. 

I’m already fangirling (read: mildly blushing) over this little peek, and it looks like the world is too. 

We are flipping and screaming (internally), and a month seems too long after this leak. Give us more of SRK, already!