Shark Tank India, the latest reality TV show has got the audience hooked. It has started conversations around the startup culture and entrepreneurship in India. The founders of new ventures come to the show, pitch their ideas and ask for investment. Let’s have a look at the pitchers that have managed to grab some big deals on the show.

1. Skippi Ice Pops – ₹1 crore for 15% equity

Skippi Ice Pops is India’s first ice popsicle brand. It was also the first brand that received an All Shark deal on the show. The brand claims that its products are made of 100% Natural flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners. The Hyderabad-based startup is founded by Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra.

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Skippi Ice Pops are currently available in over 660 outlets in Hyderabad alone and 2,200 outlets across India. It is priced at ₹240 for paper box of 12 pops and ₹666 for a box of 36 pops.


You can follow them on Instagram here.

2. Hammer –  ₹1 crore for 40% equity

Hammer was founded in 2019 by Rohit Nandwani. The company makes high-quality audio gadgets, fitness bands and electric toothbrushes and is known for selling these gadgets at an affordable price. It is already listed on Flipkart.

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The startup received funding from Shark Aman Gupta, founder of BoAt.

You can check out their Instagram page here.

3. AAS Vidyalaya – ₹1.5 crore for 15% equity

AAS Vidyalaya is an educational start-up founded by the couple – Vikas and Leena Kakawini. It stands for The Anytime Anywhere School and aims to take the school to those children who are unable to attend school.

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Sharks Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar and Ashneer Grover invested in the startup and this is by far the highest deal on the show. 

You can follow them on Instagram here.

4. Get-A-Whey – ₹1 crore for 15% equity

Get-A-Whey is a healthy ice cream brand founded by siblings Jash Shah and Pashmi Shah Agarwal, with their mother Jimmy Shah. Sharks Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta and Vineeta Singh invested in their startup that provides a wide range of guilt-free dessert options.

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Their products are currently available in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Surat, Hyderabad & Chennai.

You can follow them on Instagram here.

5. Peeschute – ₹75 lakhs for 6% equity

The startup is committed to improving toilet hygiene in India and manufactures affordable unisex disposable urine bags. Its founder Siddhant Tawarawala hails from Jalna, Maharashtra and impressed Shark Aman Mittal.


6. In A Can – ₹1 crore for 10% equity

In A Can is a startup that manufacturers canned cocktails. Its founders Viraj Sawant and Sameer Mirajkar started the company during the pandemic in 2020.


You can follow them on Instagram here.

7. Bummer – ₹75 lakh for an equity of 7.5%

Bummer is an Ahmedabad-based innerwear company that focuses on manufacturing eco-friendly products. They use micromodal fibre and claim that each pair of theirs weighs less than 60 grams.


Sharks Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar have invested in the brand.

You can follow them on Instagram here.

8. Beyond Water – ₹75 lakh for an equity of 15%

Beyond Water is India’s first liquid water enhancer selling company that produces ‘all-natural flavoured vitamin enhancers, that can make your water taste healthier. They also sell alcohol-free cocktail mixers.

The founder siblings, Devang Singhania and Shachi Singhania, impressed judges Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta and grabbed the deal.

You can follow them on Instagram here.

9. Bluepine Foods – ₹75 lakhs for 16% equity

Bluepine Foods is a Delhi-based food company founded in 2016. It specialises in frozen momos with traditional Himalayan ingredients. Its founder Aditi Madan is popularly known as Momo Mami and she runs the venture with her co-founders Rohan Singh and Naveen Panwar.

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You can follow them on Instagram here.

10. TagZ Food Brands – ₹70 lakh for 2.75% equity

TagZ Food Brands is a Bengaluru-based startup that offers its customers popped potato chips. They claim that their products have 50% less fat as compared to regular (fried or baked) potato chips.


Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia managed to impress Shark Ashneer Grover.

You can follow them on Instagram here.

Which of these startup ideas impressed you the most?