A lot of us have been obsessed with The Royal Family since forever, and there are records, books, shows, and a lot of films based on the British monarchy’s personal life. But ever since the throne has been passed to King Charles III, people are closely following his routine and well, traits. From ‘the pen fiasco’ to public appearances, a lot of people are now talking about his habits, which do seem quite ‘picky’.

King Charles
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Given these habits, staffers had even nicknamed him ‘the pampered prince’. While it’s normal to develop a taste for ‘finer’ things when you come from privilege, some of these habits are too ‘particular’ even for royalty.

1. Ironed Shoelaces

In the documentary Serving the Royals: Inside The Firm, King Charles’ ex-Butler Paul Burrell talked about how King Charles likes his shoelaces to be ironed flat, every morning. Well, the privilege does make up for outrageous habits.

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2. No Lunch Rule

The king’s refusal to eat lunch has been quite the discussion for a long time now. Even a proper scene was dedicated to it in an episode of The Crown. His staff is affected by his no lunch policy, given how they’ve to miss lunch when they’re travelling with him for foreign tours or visits. However, he has his reasons, which are mostly related to healthy eating.

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3. Carrying His Own Toilet Seat

According to a New York Post article that quoted Tina Brown’s recent book The Palace Papers, King Charles carries his toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet toilet paper wherever he travels.

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4. Carrying Furniture To Friends’ Country Houses

Since we’re talking about things that travel WITH him, according to reports, when he visits places like friends’ country houses, his bed, furniture, and even pictures are sent in a van which is unloaded before his arrival.

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5. Getting The Toothpaste Squeezed On The Brush

Staffers had also pointed out how the King’s valets squeeze just about ‘an inch’ of toothpaste on his brush, every morning. Many have even mentioned that he’s ‘fussy’ and ‘picky’ about a lot of things, and toothpaste is just one of them.

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6. A Specific Temperature For Cheese & Biscuits

Adding to his ‘particular’ eating habits, the king also insists on warming his cheese and biscuits to a specific temperature, otherwise, he doesn’t like eating them. And this is after most of his meals, so not risking it, his staff also keeps a warming tray around, just in case.

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7. Talking To Plants

The king has always been an advocate of using eco-friendly methods, and has a keen interest in gardening. Hence, he had also talked about his habit of talking to plants, and recently shared how he also shakes hands with them. This, however, is not a weird or a picky habit like the others, but actually something that has been proven to be healthy for plants.

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8. Picky About His Breakfast Eggs

It has been reported and discussed on several occasions that the king sticks to the same breakfast almost every day. A part of his breakfast is boiled eggs, and he’s so picky about them that multiple eggs are boiled for him so that the right kind of hard-boiled egg reaches his table.

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There’s royalty, and then there’s Charles.

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