Lady Olenna Tyrell was the last of Tyrells to die on Game of Thrones and probably the sassiest one. Known as the Queen of Thorns, Olenna played the game till the very end, emerging as the victor even after drinking the poison that took her life. And in her last moments with Ser Jaime, she reveals that it was her who took his son’s life. She asks Jaime to let Cersei know that it was her who killed Joffrey. 

And while we love her for killing that little prick, we love her more for that one last act of badassery. And as we had hoped, once the event reached the internet, social media would not take much time turning it into a meme and we haven’t been disappointed. This time, Twitterati opted for pets to play out the character of Lady Olenna and we can’t decide what’s better.

Boy, the internet never disappoints!