First dates can be pretty amazing. Meeting someone for the first time with the possibility of it eventually turning out into something beautiful? Who isn’t a sucker for a good first date? But then, sadly, not all first dates are good first dates. Some (read: most) of them are painfully hard to get through, especially if you don’t have shared interests or they ask some really stupid questions. Like in the case of these ladies.

Here are some of the most stupid questions some women of Reddit have been asked on their first date

1. Had a guy ask me if I was really attached to my children. When I didn’t answer and just made a questioning face, he went on to explain that he doesn’t date women with kids (single mom was clearly stated on my profile) so he was hoping I’d say no and…just get rid of them I guess?!

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2. I complimented the waitress’ eyeshadow.
He says, “Are you trying to set up a 3 way?”
…n… noooo.


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3. Had a girl ask me if I was into women…while I was on a date with her, a woman.

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4. Once a guy didn’t ask me a single question for two hours, so I decided to point that out. He got annoyed, sighed, and then said ‘how heavy is your flow?’

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5. “Are you fine with shitting in my mouth?”
No, sir. I am not. And this date is over.


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6. “How long have you been Asian for?”
Um…my whole fucking life???


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7. Will you marry me so I can get a visa to stay?
Nothing will top that for me.


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8. This was a set-up by a friend. This was the first time I’d met him. We had been talking for about 10 min when he pulls out a key and put it on the table. Asks me if I want to move in with him that weekend or next weekend. Followed by him telling me that he would like me to be pregnant with our first of four kids by the end of the year. Oh, and he wanted me to hand in my two-week notice at work so I could be a full-time housewife. Yeah… it was weird.

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9. After a pretty much normal date, we were in his car in front of my house when he gestured to his boner and said, “well?” And I just laughed and got out of the car. He didn’t even get a goodbye kiss.

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10. I’d say the worst first dates were the ones where the guy asked me virtually no questions during the date, but when we were getting ready to leave asked either, “When can I see you again?” or worse, “My place or yours?”

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11. I was asked if I had ever killed anyone.
I was in the military, but that is not a good question to ask someone.


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12. I was polite to our waitress and he asked if I was going to continue being nice to everyone all evening?

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13. Walking around the park with coffee. About 30 minutes into his paramedic stories, he cracks out this gem. “So, are you into fisting? Because if you’re not, this won’t work. A man that knew what he wanted but damn that was blunt.

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14. Went on a first date and we went on a hike. Towards the top, he asked, “what if I would’ve brought you all the way out here to murder you?” I told him that I watch and listen to too much true crime to come unprepared for a first date and that 4 of my friends have my location and his first and last name.

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15. I had a guy ask prepared questions designed to make me feel special, I guess. The problem is that he couldn’t remember the answers, and asked the same ones over and over again.

At one point he asked me what my dream job was four times within one hour. After the first time, he phrased it “you still haven’t told me what your dream job is.” When he asked me the fourth time, it didn’t occur to me at all that he wasn’t joking, so I kind of giggled in that fake way that you do when someone makes an awkward joke. He said, “Oh, I guess you don’t want to tell me.” I said “No, I’ll tell you but I just told you three times, in like less than an hour,” and told him again.

I remember another question he kept asking over and over was “Is there a spot that you go to just contemplate things?” “Do you have a spot where you go to think things over?” “Do you have a thinking spot?” “What’s your favourite thinking spot?”

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16. “Can I borrow a strand of your hair so I can floss my teeth?”

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17. I was asked why I couldn’t just be polite and eat the soup he ordered for me before I even got to the restaurant (I wasn’t late, I was 10 minutes early and he was already seated and ordered everything). I couldn’t eat it because I’ll go into anaphylaxis, it’s shrimp soup. I’m allergic to shellfish.

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18. Had a dude who asked “What time do u go to bed? I only date girls that go to bed late” because”I only date girls that will stay up late to feed me snacks when I’m gaming”

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19. Had a guy ask once if I wanted to get matching tattoos. On the first date.

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