When it comes to our turn-ons, let’s be real, most of us have at least one really strange preference that we’ve buried deep inside, only to be let out in front of people we trust dearly. That or to be told on the internet, under an anonymous name.

Which is exactly what this bunch did on Reddit, confessed the weirdest things that turn them on! So here’s a look just in case you thought your preferences are way too weird to be real.

1. Watching my BF wake up then talk to me while he is still half asleep. English is his second language and sometimes he will slip and speak to me in Spanish without realizing. I love that shit. 

– walk-ewalk

2. Watching someone’s hands play piano.

– flamingoeater

3. When men raise their arms in the air for any reason like stretching, reaching for something, etc. It just looks hot (edit: I’m a straight woman. just so people don’t have to ask lol).

– mytwoquarters

4. Putting their arm around the back seat while reversing, mmmm bites lip.

– PuzzleheadedPound712

5. Touching feet with my GF. I don’t even like feet. But when we’re in bed or on the couch and we touch our feet together (specifically the bottoms of our feet), I’m instantly turned on.

– immersed_in_plants

6. Clavicles, for some reason.

– Lord_Boobbuster


7. The way my BF takes off his belt gets me every time.

– Cptnbumout

8. Sex with as much clothes on as possible.

– TheGreatNemoNobody

9. Being held gently, like a taco.

– kagekeo 

10. Sunglasses on a woman’s head. No clue why.

– Stuckintheproshop


11. I have a voice kink but it’s absolutely not selective. My boyfriend has turned me on with a droopy dog impression.

– causticCherry

12. My fiancé gets turned on by men driving with bare feet. Something about having all this power to accelerate with just your big toe. As far as I know (which is pretty far) she does NOT have a foot fetish which makes it so much more bizarre.

– frazorblade

13. Being told what to do. 

– Binkyb18 

14. Noses. For some reason I find girls with larger than normal noses a turn on.

– SilverstoneOne 

We’re all unique individuals here. No shame!