Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the few actors who successfully made the transition from TV to movies, whose love for dance was evident in every song he appeared in, and who never shied away from expressing his love for the stars and skies.  

And that alone should be considered the legacy of this young actor.

Sushant’s death has left his family, friends, and tv and film industry shocked. And it once again prompted a conversation around mental health and why people need to stop stigmatizing mental health issues.

However, to reduce Sushant’s achievements to just the manner of his death is a disservice to his memory. 

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For starters, conversation on mental health issues should happen continuously, so that we build a more empathetic and understanding society. 

More importantly to not give due importance to all that Sushant achieved in a short life, is to take away from his hard work, dedication, and talent. 


When Sushant discovered his passion for dancing and acting, he dared to turn his dreams into reality and pursued a career in acting with a single-minded focus. And that’s what helped him move from a background dancer to a star whose moves set the stage on fire. 


His passion is what spoke to people when he made his appearance in TV shows. It was the same passion that made him a TV star in just three years. 


He was an ‘outsider’ who played the nation’s most loved cricketer and not only withstood the scrutiny that came with it but even earned new fans with his performance. 


A boy from Patna became a star who was loved across the nation. And yet, he never forgot his first love – astronomy and engineering. He was a young man who lived as many of his dreams as he could. 

Sushant never played safe with his film choices, and through sheer grit and determination, managed to make a name for himself in an industry where competition is always high. 


His life should be an inspiration to kids who dreams of becoming a painter, an actor, an astronaut, a scientist, a dancer, or anything that their heart desires. His life should be an inspiration to people to never stop dreaming as they grow older and to keep the child in their hearts alive.

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His interviews, his characters, his poems, should help ease the pain of his loss and be a reminder of all that he gifted to the industry and his fans. 

His life should not be reduced to the manner of death because in doing so, we are using one devastating incident, to sum up, 34 years of dreams, hopes, successes, hard work, and a smile that lit up every frame he appeared in. 


Let his life teach us that it’s important to be kind because his interactions taught us that. Let his achievements and struggles remind us to uphold the values of connection and basic human courtesy. Let dreams, hopes, and the stars he so loved be the legacy he leaves behind. 

If you or someone you know are suffering from depression, experiencing suicidal thoughts, or just need someone to talk to, remember that help is just a phone call away. Reach out to the following helplines in India. BMC mental health helpline: 022-24131212 (available 24X7), Vandrevala Foundation: 186-02662345/180-02333330 (24×7) or AASRA: 91-9820466726 (available 24X7).