Last night, Lalit Modi tweeted his pictures with Sushmita Sen from their Maldives vacation which turned out to be his open declaration of love. 

Furthermore, Modi changed his Instagram display and bio demonstrating his love for his ‘better half’. AND, on top of that, desi Twitter also discovered that Lalit religiously follows every Sushmita Sen Hashtag on Instagram. Girls, we settle for too less. 

Although you wouldn’t admit it, you were impatiently waiting for Sushmita Sen to confirm Lalit Modi’s tweet, and the wait is now over.

Sushmita Sen shared an Instagram post with her daughters Renee and Alisah and this is what the caption suggests. 

Verified I am in a happy place!!! NOT MARRIED…NO RINGS…Unconditionally surrounded by love!! Enough clarification given…now back to life & work!! Thank you for sharing in my happiness always…and for those who don’t…it’s #NOYB Anyway!!! I love you guys!!! 

Here’s the first post that Sushmita shared after Lalit Modi’s viral announcement of their relationship. 

Sushmita’s message, which is obviously intended to act as clarification, makes it very apparent that she is in her happy place surrounded by the people she loves. 

The former Miss Universe, who still serves as a beacon of confidence and power, indeed deserves all the love she’s been receiving and much more.

Sending the warmest wishes your way, Sush.