There is a ubiquitous pastime of people who are good for nothing, they love calling names to reputed people, or let me say, women. While the vast majority of the crap that women deal with in real life goes unchecked, there are instances when they are left with little choice but to permanently shut them.

Here are some instances in which women clapped back at the people who, regrettably, believed that asking women such questions was a good idea.

1. When Sushmita Sen shut down trolls who labelled her as a ‘gold digger’ for dating businessman Lalit Modi.

I dig deeper than Gold, and I’ve always (famously) preferred Diamonds!! And yes, I still buy them myself!!!

2. When Kiara Advani graciously schooled a reporter on the idea of being settled.

On the trailer launch of Jug Jugg Jeeyo, a reporter asked Kiara “why haven’t you settled down yet while co-stars on stage are married and settled down.”

Without marriage, I can be well settled, right? I am well settled. I am doing work. I am earning and I am happy.

3. Tillotama Shome penned a well-informed piece about feminism and the power of nudity in rebuttal to a “request” for her to share a nude photo.

Nudity has been a tool from grassroots protests to social movements and to acts of self-acceptance and love BUT the theater of feminist protest is both expanded and challenged by this new generation of cyber-attacks. I wish us all luck as we navigate through such situations.

4. When Swara Bhasker put a Twitter user in his place who compared her to his maid thinking it’s an insult. 

5. When Trolls Priyanka Chopra silenced trolls who blasted her for meeting Prime Minister wearing a dress that exposed her legs.

PeeCee shut her trolls with a picture of herself & her mother flaunting their sexy legs. Never found a better way to convey ‘fuck off.’ 

6. When Malaika Arora gave a kick-ass response to haters who called her ‘old and desperate’ to date Arjun Kapoor.

‘Age does not matter in the relationship but our society is such that it does not want to move ahead with time. An older man is praised for romancing a young girl, but when a woman is older, she is called ‘Desperate’ and ‘Old’. My answer to those with such thinking is- Take a flying f ***

7. When Aishwarya Rai shut David Letterman when he deliberatel asked about how Indians continue to live with their parents, even as adults.

After this, one would think a hundred times before making a sneaky comment disparaging Indian culture. 

8. When Aishwarya, once more, was adamant about not accepting any bulls—t, not even from Karan Johar.

How people think pressing women with questions of their exes would skyrocket their TRP, until they reply.. “next question.”

9. When Samantha Ruth Prabhu, after being subjected to some really offensive remarks, epitomised grace in her rebuttal. 

She simply told the person, “God bless your soul”. Honestly, because only God can purge their thoughts of the foul sludge.

10. When Fatima Sana Sheikh clapped back at trolls with a ‘shameless selfie’. 

When Fatima Sana Shaikh shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit during the holy month of Ramadan, she was subjected to many derogatory comments. So she titled the next picture as a ‘shameless selfie’.