In the age of social media, being a celebrity means you have to get accustomed to trolling. However, recently, a troll thought he was insulting actor Swara Bhasker by comparing her to his maid. 

Source: The Hindu

Swara, who certainly has enough experience with handling trolls, gave it back in style, while also serving everyone a lesson in sass and humility.

Of course, Twitterati was quick to support her: 

However, it's high time that we stop looking down on domestic help and reducing their profession to an insult. A person working hard to earn a decent living deserves our respect, irrespective of what the profession is. And it's shocking that even in 2021, this is something that needs to be spelled out. 

This is certainly not the first time something like this has happened. A few months ago, actor Tillotama Shome was also trolled similarly, where she was compared to domestic help in an attempt to insult her. 

Shome, who actually won nationwide appreciation for portraying a domestic help in her last film Sir, also shut down the troll. But it's not about how the actors put these trolls in their place, but rather, about how such comments need to stop, once and for all.

Source: Zee News

Using someone's profession as an insult is insensitive and illogical, not to mention, extremely petty. Hard work is not an insult. And it's high time such blatant classism ends.