Just when the world was beginning to recover from the utter greatness that was ‘Eye To Eye‘, Taher Shah hit the block yet again. This time with his mystical and ‘spiritual’ number called ‘Angel‘.

If there is anyone out there who still hasn’t watched it, I urge you… Don’t wait another minute.

There there. We understand if you need a minute. The complex, deep and meaningful theme behind this marvel may have been lost on you. It was lost on most of us. Or maybe we were too mesmerised by the set and the costumes and the drama and the… well, the words. It was all too much for us non-angels and Taher Shah knew this would happen. And he’s come to our rescue – for he is ‘Mankind’s Angel.’

Taher Shah

Turns out Taher Shah has been writing his very own blog since December 2014 where he opens up to his adoring fans. He speaks about his journey in music, which has paved with awards and accolades, beeteedubs.

Taher Shah

What’s more, he’s even dedicated an entire section to these very fans “for liking my song and appreciating it.”

Taher Shah

But I digress. Back to ‘Angel’. The Eye-To-Eye-man posted an entry recently, that elaborates on what he hopes to convey to *ahem* mankind through his latest work of art and just how passionately he feels about it

Read on, and brace yourself for some deep, meaningful meaningness.

Taher Shah

It’s true. “Mankind is truly an ‘Angel’ himself,” he explains, “This is way I kept the name of the song ‘Angel’.”


Shah also mentions several times in his post that children are central to the theme of ‘Angel’ – the video for which features a spectacularly dressed, unassuming child.

Taher Shah

And while the message is truly touching, we are a tiny bit concerned about this coming back to haunt him when he’s all grown up.

Taher Shah

And right at the end, just in case you missed it, he went all white girl on us. “Like all of you humans are like ‘Angels’ I am also like an ‘Angel’,” he said with zero fucks to give.


And just in case you have any more questions for the badass rockstar, you can simply shoot him a message through his ‘Contact Me‘ page on the blog!

Daaaaamn. Taher Shah ain’t got no commitment issues fo sho. ‘Cause if this isn’t committing, I don’t know what is.