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Take This ‘Koi...Mil Gaya’ Quiz & Scream 'Jaadooo' When You Get A Full Score

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Jadoo might know everything but how well will you fare when it comes to taking this Koi...Mil Gaya Quiz? Let's test your knowledge now. 

1. Before Rakesh Roshan, who was offered the role of Sanjay Mehra?

2. What's the name of the spin-off children's TV series stemming from the movie? 

3. Which grade is Rohit in? 

4. How does Sanjay Mehra die in the movie? 

via IMDB

5. What's the word the computer uses to summon aliens? 

6. Fill in the blank. It’s magic, it’s magic, I’ve got the ___ that you need.

7. Which drink does Rohit like to have? 

8. When does Jadoo's magic work?

via MensXP

9. How is Raj related to Nisha? 

10. Sonia shifts to which place after her husband's death?

11. What does Nisha get Rohit after Sonia scolds Nisha for her actions? 

12. How many friends does Rohit have apart from Jadoo?

Toh, how much do you know about Koi...Mil Gaya?


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