Takeshi’s Castle is like a core memory for a lot of us – it was weirdly funny and dramatic. But the show also had us glued to our screens. So much so, that we distinctly remember tasks from its episodes. Of course, we also miss it, and it looks like someone finally heard us. Apparently, a comeback of the show is in works – which is the perfect news.

Takeshi's Castle

Recently, Amazon UK shared the news in a post which got people too excited. According to this post, Takeshi’s Castle is returning and the show will be narrated by Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis. This all new reboot is set to land on Amazon in August.

Amazon UK
Radio Times

So, there will be a lot of falling, tripping and swinging – as contestants perform physical tasks to win 1 million yen. The first look of the show also gave us a glimpse of the colorful castle, and it’s normal that people can’t keep calm about it.

Here’s how Twitter is reacting:

But desis are clearly pissed, ‘cos we want a reboot too.

Too bad, India isn’t getting it.