Talk Show hosts (mainly Graham Norton) are awesome. They allow celebs to have fun on a public platform and often get stories from them that makes us common people feel like we know them a little better. 

1. Sir Patrick Stewart has to be told by his wife that he was not circumcised. 

The legendary actor once had a fierce argument over his alleged circumcision with his wife, who broke his belief that his mother had had him circumcised as a child. He had to go to a doctor to actually find out. 

2. Ed Sheeran crashed on Jaime Foxx’ s couch for weeks before he became famous. 

Sheeran initially wanted to play on Foxx’s radio show as a newcomer. After his performance, Foxx offered him to stay at his house while he gets better offers. A few days later, he took him to a live show he was doing with some of the best artists in the world in a predominantly black room, or as Foxx puts it, ‘true to the music’. Sheeran went in with his red hair and a ukelele and got a standing ovation in 12 minutes.  

3. Ewan McGregor once chased down teenagers running the stop signs to scream at them. And he could see on their faces that they were being scolded by Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

The actor was taking his kids to school when he saw a bunch of teenagers in a car rush past him. To his kids’ embarrassment, he chased them down and called them fucking idiots. That’s when he saw it in their faces, that they were chased down by freaking Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

4. Matt LeBlanc actually ate Rachel’s Meat Trifle in real life. 

What they were actually eating were some bananas and whipped cream. But in the scene, David Schwimmer’s Ross takes a big bite and then spits it back on his own plate. LeBlanc’s Joey, however, doesn’t see it and in the next scene just eats whatever Ross had spit out. Everybody watched him do it and said nothing. 

5. When Russell Crowe first met Henry Cavill, he wasn’t Superman. It was the year 2000 and Cavill was in a boarding school in Stokes. 

Long before the duo played a father-son on Man of Steel, Russell met Cavill during his days in boarding school. Cavill asked him about acting and Crowe remembered it. Before departing he, left him a little autograph with a note that said. “Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

6. Dame Maggie Smith once told a kid to pull himself together after he actually confused her with Professor McGonagall. 

Smith has had a long illustrious career and yet what most people/kids know her from are the Hary Potter movies. Describing one such encounter, she says, that once a kid asked her if she was really a cat and she heard herself ask him to pull himself together. “How could I be a cat?”

7. Matt Damon’s wife doesn’t wait for him to catch up and watched all the episodes of Downton Abbey by herself. 

During, what can only be described as the greatest talk show episode of all time, Matt Damon told everyone that his wife was addicted to Downton Abbey and binged them all by herself after promising him that they would watch it together. 

8. Anthony Mackie first met his wife when they were both 7-years-old. 

And according to him, she was the meanest person in the world. She apparently used to beat me up for his lunch money. 

9. Actor Richard Madden, aka King Robb Stark looked like a murderer soaked in blood on a plane while returning after shooting the Red Wedding.

The Red Wedding was an emotional affair for the fans and naturally for the actors involved. Well, one of the scenes where Robb Stark was stabbed, had to be repeated and so Madden was literally covered in fake blood, which wouldn’t just wash off. 

On his way back home, he was on a flight, crying because of the traumatic scene he had to be a part off but he definitely got some very weird looks from the rest of the passengers. 

10. Actress Keira Knightley wasn’t considered for a role by director Joe Wright because he thought she was too pretty for the role. 

Wright didn’t want Knightley for Pride and Prejudice because she was too pretty but then he met her and said, “Oh no, you ae fine.”

11. Peaky Blinders‘ actor Cillian Murphy was once a vegetarian for 12 years. And then he found a deer. 

Usually, when you make vegetarian people take the more scenic route to life, you introduce them to bacon or a nice steak. But Tommy Shelby here just straight up ate Bambi. 

12. Chris Pratt’s son doesn’t like sea bass. 

In the Pratt household there’s a tradition that no matter who you are, you are allowed to cuss while fishing. But when his very very young son got stung by a fish, the words that came out of his mouth would have put adult men to shame. 

13. Mark Ruffalo was once chased by kids with dog poop on a stick and to this day, that remains to be his most violent fear. 

It’s true. Apparently, the kids in Ruffalo’s neighbourhood liked doing that. And you can’t blame them. They had no internet. 

14. Mark Ruffalo once accidentally smoked a blunt on stage on the opening day of play, with critics in the first row and got rave reviews. 

As Ruffalo put it, a young actor switched prop weed with actual weed and the actor had to smoke an actual blunt with his co-star on-screen. Unfortunately, his co-star had never smoked weed ever in her life. When he realised, he too was high, Ruffalo did freak out a but then, he got the best reviews of his entire career. 

15. Ricky Gervais once ran around with a used condom that he mistook for a snakeskin, when he was a kid. 

This is going to be very difficult to explain. You’re gonna have to refer to the image and the video of this one. But I gotta say, this was sort of expected from Ricky Gervais. 

16. When Will Smith’s dad called him at 3 AM in the morning to tell him that he was wrong about Independence Day. 

When the numbers starting coming in for his first big film, Will Smith’s dad rang him up in the middle of the night to tell him that he was the luckiest man he’s ever met. 

17. When Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling for real. 

Harrison Ford actually gave no reason as to why he clocked Ryan Gosling. Well, he’s Harrison Ford. He can do things like that. 

18. When Kevin Hart was way too sure that Dwyane Johnson was born in Hawai and not San Franciso. 

Kevin Hart and The Rock are always on each others’ cases. During this particular incident, The Rock told Graham Norton that he was born in San Francisco. To which, Kevin Hart objected and said that he was pretty sure Dwyane gave him a long speech about how his mother held him over a cliff and sang Hakuna Matata. 

Well, there you go. Once you’re this deep down the rabbit hole, I am afraid YouTube just takes over and bombards you will suggestions. You might as well say goodbye to your sleep.