For a custom saree design, artist Sasank Gopinathan was asked to turn the hugely popular Simpson family into Iyers. So he turned them into Homer Iyer, Bart Iyer, Lisa Iyer & Maggi Iyer.  And see right below how that turned out! To check out his cool work, visit his folio .

Meet the Iyers!

And here’s Bart Iyer. “Eat my Dhoti!”

Of course, the Iyers aren’t the Iyers without the inimitable Homer Iyer. “Doh-Sa!”

From Doh-nuts to Doh-sas…

Lisa Iyer. Honour student and Bharatnatyam Dancer.

Maggie Iyer. Vada cutie!

Marge Iyer. Mother to 4 children. Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Homer.

Here she is rocking the saari!