Shark Tank India is currently one of the most popular reality TV shows. Whether it is the audience picking up on Ashneer Grover’s famous ‘doglapan,‘ line or just loving the exciting pitches contestants bring to the show, STI has been serving us some great quality content!


But of course, these are only factors of the show that are for for the camera. But what about the people behind the curtain, the other team members who’ve built the show up to what it is. Well, we’ve got a list of team members from STI who totally deserve a round of applause for the great work they’ve put into the show. 

1. Ravikesh Vasta 

Ravikesh Vasta is the writer of the show. And he’s not only a writer, but a poet, singer and composer as well.


2. Bimal Unnikrishnan 

Bimal Unnikrishnan is the Creative Producer for Shark Tank India. He has also been a Creative Consultant for Sony Pictures Networks India and is now producing the show as a part of his affiliation with the channel. 


3. Akanksha Kukreti 

Akanksha Kukreti is the Post Production Producer for Shark Tank India. Prior to STI, she was a creative director for Magic Vista Films. And she’s also worked with Endemol Shine Group in the past.


4. Pintu Bhuimali 

Pintu Bhuimali is the wonderful makeup supervisor behind the show. He’s in charge of making everyone look glam and camera ready!


The makeup artist is also working on shows such as Aarya, The Last Resort, etc. 

5. Payal Seth 

Payal Seth is the Creative Director for the show. Prior to working on Shark Tank, Payal Seth was a creative director for the Mirchi Music Awards. 


6. Yadla Prabhakara Rao

Yadla Prabhakara Rao is part of the team responsible for the show’s graphics.


And that’s how you make a stellar show.