Raj Or Kuljeet? Select Your Favourite 90s' Things & We'll Tell You Which DDLJ Character Are You

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Even after 25 years, we can't get over the magic of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Because, it may not have aged like fine wine, but it gave us characters we saw a bit of ourselves in. So, choose your favourite 90s' things from below, and find out which DDLJ character you're most like: 

1. Which is your favourite drink from the 90s?

2. Which is your favourite TV show from the 90s?

3. Pick your favourite pop song from the following: 

4. Pick your favourite 90s' English film from the following: 

5. Ads from 90s have a special place in our hearts. So, pick your favourite jingle from below: 

6. Which was your favourite video game from the 90s?

7. What was the one candy you could eat for hours? 

8. No question about it, Cartoons were just better in the 90s. Which was your favourite cartoon show?

9. And finally, pick your favourite music group from the 90s?

Are you ready for the results?


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