There are very few filmmakers who enjoy a cult fan following. Most people wait for the next film by their favourite actors or the next blockbuster instalment of their favourite franchise. But some filmmakers have the same effect on people.

Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker who definitely belongs in this category. From ‘Memento’ to ‘Interstellar’, Nolan has become a household name and a favourite of many moviegoers. Which is why his latest release, ‘Tenet’, had fans from across the world perched on the edge of their sofas, excitedly chewing their fingernails. And while many of us could not view it in the theatres because of the pandemic, the movie has now FINALLY been released on streaming platforms. We’ve all been waiting for this moment for so long and it’s finally here.

So here are 6 reasons you should be checking ‘Tenet’ out, if you haven’t already.

1. It’s another film by Christopher Nolan. 

Now I know for many people that is as good a reason as any to watch this film. Nolan has his distinctive style, presence and way of telling a story. And the stories he chooses to tell also deal with mind bending subjects and conceits. If that is what you’re looking for ‘Tenet’ will not disappoint with big Nolan set pieces, fascinating concepts and of course Micheal Caine. 

2. It looks so good! 

Another hallmark of Nolan’s films, especially his recent ones, are the stunning visuals. ‘Tenet’ has some amazing images that’ll make you gawp and drool. Nolan made it on 70mm for IMAX and that does justice to the scale of some of the scenes. Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema joins Nolan again, and again has done a fantastic job. 

3. Action set pieces are amazing

There are some amazing big set pieces and this is where ‘Tenet’ shines brightest. Action scenes are amazingly choreographed, beautifully shot, then shot again backwards, and then put together for a fantastic and novel experience. The bigger set pieces, like the cargo plane heist and the car chase sequence are just wondrous to behold and coming back to them later gives the audience another perspective on things. 

4. The unique concept

Nolan is no stranger to mind bending, new concepts for his films. ‘Tenet’ is based on the discovery of the phenomenon of ‘inversion’ where some objects, or even people can have their ‘entropy reversed’ and therefore can appear to be going backwards to someone in a non inverted position. All of this pop-science is set against the backdrop of a James Bond-esque Cold War feel with a Russian antagonist but without the tongue in cheek humour of a regular spy film. And now that it’s on Amazon Prime Video, we all can pause, rewind and rewatch parts that we didn’t quite understand! It’s a Nolan film after all 😛

5. Robert Pattinson’s performance 

While there are some great actors in the movie, Robert Pattinson’s ‘Neil’ really stands out. His general slightly inebriated swagger is delightful to watch, but sadly isn’t on screen for long enough. Apparently, Pattinson based his ‘Neil’ on Christopher Hitchens and if you’re a fan, you can see it quite a bit in his performance. 

6. Amazing locations.

It’s a spy thriller alright. The movie moves from place to place — from Oslo to Amalfi to Vietnam to Amchi Mumbai. And all of these places look absolutely stunning but we were especially happy to see Mumbai and some of the iconic locations therein like Breach Candy Hospital, Cafe Mondegar, Colaba Causeway, Colaba Market, Gateway of India, Grant Road, and the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. 

Well here were some reasons you need to check out Tenet ASAP. And if you can’t wait to watch this new Nolan flick, head on over to Amazon Prime Video and watch it now!