Spoilers ahead. Do not proceed if you haven’t been able to watch Avengers: Endgame yet!


Okay. Now that you are the elite few who have watched the film, we gotta talk about that final hour-long battle!

Or should I call it a war? Because fuck yes, it was!

I mean, I have seen a fair amount of movies in my lifetime. Hell, I grew up on Lord of the Rings and I am here to tell you that I have never seen a battle of such magnitude in my entire life. 


Where do I start? Thor getting over all that fat shaming and summoning lightning and thunder from the skies! That was intense right? 


For a moment, I was like, are they going towards Rune King Thor. 


For those who don’t know that storyline, Google it. It’s the most insanely powerful incarnation of the Odinson that you can find!

There were so many moments after that, that I won’t even talk about Thor fighting with both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir. 

So let’s just jump right to the biggest surprise of them all. 

Captain America lifts Mjolnir and saves Thor from being killed by Stormbreaker. 

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! That scene gave me goosebumps which stayed for over an hour! How badass was that? 


I mean, deep down we all knew that was going to happen at some point after Age of Ultron, but could they have picked a better situation for that scene? 


Then Cap just goes on to use it like a pro. And pardon me for saying this but he used it better than Thor ever did. I mean, summoning lighting from the ground and then from the skies and then smashing Thanos with it. 

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Then he throws his shield and smashes it with Mjolnir.


Phew! That was some Mortal Kombat level combo right there!


And Thanos? Don’t even get me started. Thanos beat the shit out of the big 3. Like, he went full Brock Lesnar on them, smacking them around like children playing at war. 


He was easily the most powerful creature in the film and our heroes could barely make him bleed, even with their combined efforts.

Mind you, for most of that sequence, he didn’t even have an infinity stone. 

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Then there is this epic moment when Captain America tightens the straps of his shield and stands alone against Thanos’ entire army. 


And the entire theatre fell silent. 

Luckily for us, it is the same moment we hear Sam Wilson saying ‘On your left’.


It was at that moment that we all realised – The cavalry had just arrived. 

And out comes the Black Panther, followed by hundreds of portals opening bringing out every hero that ever existed in the MCU. 

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All those who had died after the snap emerge out of the portals and join the big 3 in the fight of their lives. 

That’s everyone from Spider-Man to the Guardians and Dr Strange to the Winter Soldier and Scarlett Witch. Everyone! Even Ant Giant-Man emerges from the rubble with The Hulk and War Machine. 


Even Pepper Potts dons the Rescue suit and joins the fight with The Wasp, Valkirye and what remains of the Asgardian army. 

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As a comic reading nerd, that was everything I had ever wanted to see. 

Avengers Assemble

-Captain America

With the sides now evenly matched, the real war takes place and it’s everywhere and it’s chaotic. 

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Amidst all that chaos, we also see the Avengers trying to keep the gauntlet from Thanos, which makes for some of the greatest moments on screen. 

Hawkeye carries it for as long as he can before giving it to T’Challa, who fights his way through a crowd of aliens before giving it to Spider-Man who activates his instant kill mode. 

But even he’s not enough and Captain has to bail him out by throwing Mjolnir at him. 


Believe me, at this point, I am having trouble using any words to describe what we all just experienced. 

The only Avenger that actually matched Thanos in terms of power was Scarlet Witch. But then Thanos followed the King Edward school of war from Braveheart and unleashed fire upon Earth, even though his own troops got scorched. 


Now you know why they called him the Mad Titan, don’t you?

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Enter Captain Marvel who just went through Thanos’ warships like they were toys. 

Thanos gets the gauntlet but Captain Marvel stops him by overpowering him. 

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Sorry, Thor and Hulk. She’s the strongest Avenger. Hence proved. 

But Thanos still defeats her! That’s just how bloody skilled he is. 

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Also, how could you forget the scene where all the female superheroes just got together and beat the shit out of everyone?


Remember the first Avengers film, even the most powerful of the Avengers could touch the portal and Black Widow was the one who finds a way. 

Because it’s not always about the big guns. It’s not about the strongest Avengers. In the chaos of war, even the smallest of players can make the difference.

This player, this anomaly that this Thanos did not even consider to be a threat as he defeated the likes of Thor and Captain Marvel was Tony Stark. 

He stole the gems from right under Thanos’ nose and snapped his fingers to end the bloody war. 


The infinity stones almost killed Thanos. So Tony knew this meant certain death. 


But he did it anyway. He made the sacrifice play, lied down on the wire and let everyone pass. 

In doing so, he ended the Infinity Saga with the same words that started it. 


This did not go the way I expected. I’m gonna go cry a little. You can cry at your own places.