Giving interviews is a part and parcel of the “celeb” life. But that does not mean interviewers can get away with asking just about anything, because many celebrities are not shy of giving back as good as they get, if not better! 

Much like Aishwarya Rai did during her now-famous interview with David Letterman.  


Yes, back in 2004 during promotions of Bride and Prejudice, David Letterman hosted Aishwarya Rai on his chat show. 


He asked her a very pointed question about how Indians continue to live with their parents, even as adults. Aishwarya immediately responded with a pointed comment on the “Western” family life in, so to say.  


Well, her response naturally left Letterman speechless, while also proving that when it comes to wit, beauty, and grace, Aishwarya truly is the ultimate Miss World.


It’s been years since the interview first aired, but in the words, or rather, the song of Instagram reels, Aishwarya truly is the OG “savage, classy, bougie”.