Comedy has always been part of our lives. Be it television or stage, good comedians have a way of letting us forget the daily hassles of life. But while television seems to have been stuck in the era of ‘Santa Banta’ and demeaning racist jokes, stand up comics all over the country have stepped up their game.

From political satire to the everyday issues we face in our lives, stand up comics have easily stolen the show in the last few years and 2017 was no different.

1. Vipul Goyal’s take on PM Narendra Modi’s foreign trips and his government’s cunning ways of imposing taxes is simply hilarious.  

2. This is the act that stole the show and put Kunal Kamra on the map. Unfortunately, it also resulted in him getting death threats. 

3. Abhishek Upmanyu might be the newest kid in the block but he does not disappoint. In fact, he does more. He nails this interpretation of how Indians insult each other.

4. Fans of Indian porn, Kautuk Srivastava shows you the mirror in this gem of an act.

5. When North Indians go to Chennai and find nobody talking in Hindi, they get irritated. Aravind SA will tell you, why Tamilians do not like speaking in Hindi.

6. Another gem by Aravind SA, where he talks about the underwear problems faced by bachelors and their different ways to deal with it.

7. Biswa Kalyan Rath could easily be called one of the funniest stand-up comics in India at the moment. Here, he talks about the problems we all face when we book an Uber.

8. Kunal Kamra comes back with the woes of finding an auto/taxi and getting rejected by their drivers in Mumbai.

9. Kenny Sebastian pokes fun at the ridiculous Indian superstition of ‘Nazar’ and ‘Touch-Wood’.

10. Zakir Khan is the only comic that has perhaps gone past the urban Canvas Club audience and has roped in the middle-class small towners into his huge fan base. Here, he talks about the things you have to do when your parents come over.

11. Mikhail Almedia tells you that you need some balls to be able to shave your fucking balls and how sex is just not worth it. 

12. Manish Tyagi asks a simple but pertinent question. The question being, who the fuck takes weird ass surveys about how many people get laid on the first night after marriage?

13. Modi Ji is like Big Boss. Standing in that ATM line was a task and you know it. Abijit Ganguly is here to tell you more.

14. Daniel Fernandes takes on the rape threats issued by online trolls to Gurmehar Kaur. He explains why Indian men, of all people, should not threaten anybody with rape.

15. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia talks about one of the most irritating things Indian moms do: Cook tindey among other things!

While there were many other acts that deserve your attention, these 15, according to our judgement were some of the funniest acts we have seen in a while.