Warning: Spooky spoilers ahead! 

So, I stayed up all night to watch The Haunting of Bly Manor. Alone. I mean of course I knew there'll be ghosts. If you watched The Haunting of Hill House (please tell me you did) you'd know that by now. The first season was laced with all the ghosts lurking around Hill House in the background in different scenes spread throughout the show. 

So I knew there was going to be some serious ghost-spotting business in Season 2, as well. And while I did spot a few of these ghosts – and EVERY SINGLE TIME I was sitting on edge waiting to jump out of bed – this Twitter thread has made me want to re-watch season 2 ALL OVER AGAIN.

Right from the start, that too. 

Yep, this was Episode 1 of season 2! Only. And, according to Decider, this single episode has all of 11 hidden ghosts.  

i'm not shaking you are

I mean do you SEE that guy in the mirror who is NOT the dead fiancee? That's freaking me out more! 

Someone even spotted this silhouette watching them walk up the stairs. I'm biting my non-existent nails here. 

I'm not so 'perfectly splendid' right now! 


Mental note: To NEVER babysit or become an au pair, EVER. 

This entire conversation between Peter and Miss Jessel has me rethinking everything! 

This thing should not even be there. SHOULD NOT! I honestly don't think Flora is looking particularly 'perfectly splendid' here.

Like, is it bad enough that Dani has to live with the ghost of her dead fiancee?

For all the times she thought there was a burglar lurking around the house... They were ghosts, Dani, not burglars! 


And JUST when you think you've seen it all... 

It gets worse.

A lot worse. 

A whole lot worse. 

And even then it's not the worst! 

And this one had me scratching at my screen! Take it away! 

Definitely need to re-watch the entire series again because why shouldn't I let ghosts spook me out anymore, right?