Talk about hypocrisy, and you will see people telling you even men face sexism- they are harassed and objectified too. You feminists should focus on that too! Well, sure, but not when we are talking about tackling women’s issues. So hang in there a little, and then we can talk about Mensrightsmatter. Cool? And stop generalising it because these facts about why we need feminism prove otherwise.

Now, this brings me to a classic example of hypocrisy that pulls down the curtain of our biased society. Yeah, don’t hide your faces now. 

Our very own Ranveer Singh posed nude for a photo shoot- no doubt, he looked hot. Recently, a Reddit user compared the comment section between Ranveer Singh and Esha Gupta’s photoshoot, and it speaks volumes about how we are biased as a society. 

 Here’s what the post said: 


People rightfully pointed out how women are slut shamed for doing the same thing Ranveer Singh did. Here’s what they have to say: 

To everyone saying Ranveer was trolled too. Go ahead and read the comment section, and you will see the problem. I am rooting for that day when nudity is treated the same for all genders!

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