Let’s face it, there’s hardly anything funny about The Kapil Sharma Show. And when a comedy show lacks humour, that says a lot about its quality. To top that, it constantly promotes insensitivity – where racist, sexist and body-shaming comments are normalized. And it’s hardly shocking anymore when we come across such statements on the show.

Chris Gayle
Source: Reddit

In yet another episode, the anchor, Kapil Sharma, did a segment where he read comments under the Instagram posts of the guests. He picked up Sulaiman Merchant’s picture with Chris Gayle, and pointed out a comment where a user mocked the cricketer’s skin colour. For some reason, the guests and the ‘comedian’ laughed about it – OUT LOUD.

The Kapil Sharma Show
Source: Reddit

So, the first instinct of a comic who literally has a show on national television, and guests who are public figures, was to laugh about an insensitive comment. The fact that they found it funny, shows the lack of sensitivity that our celebs can project. Moreover, this is a mentality deep-rooted. We need shows and public figures who are responsible enough to know the difference between right and wrong – and seriously, the show just exists to mock people.

Redditors are calling out the show for its problematic content.

Where’s the boycott club at?